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Posting with Quill

2 min read

I'm writing this in the lovely Quill Editor by indieweb all-star Aaron Parecki. Kevin Marks posed the question in a tweet (I'm just including it to see how Quill handles the Twitter embed code):

We should debate this on TWiG next week. See also @leolaporte @ginatrapani

— Kevin Marks (@kevinmarks) May 13, 2015

Nice job, Quill!

Kevin points to his post on Known: Does UI affect writing style? I don't know about that, but it sure is nice to have a good WYSIWYG editor like Quill available for those who want it.

As for myself, I don't mind writing in half English, half HTML - I'm just used to it - and I don't think it makes much difference to the quality of my writing or style. But maybe that's because I'm not a writer. Jeff Jarvis might, indeed, prefer it. Anything that gets him using a POSSE system (where his posts lives on his site and syndicate elsewhere) is good in my book. It really bugs me that he puts some of his best writing on someone else's platform. Even if that's what he's done his whole life!

I also have to put in a plug for Aaron's OwnYourGram which I'm using to automatically copy all my Instagram posts here. (Ben Werdmuller says Instagram integration is a high priority for Known but without a publish API they're stuck).

Indieweb is, indeed, a wonderful thing. (And, by the way, it is a lot more fun to write posts in an elegant editor like Quill).