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Off to Vegas to celebrate Lisa's sister Debi's birthday. Back in time for The Tech Guy on Sunday.


So far I am loving the new Chromebook Pixel. No compromise i/o: keyboard, trackpad, and screen, noticeably zippy, 12-hour battery life.


Hey Known - what happened to the text editing toolbar in the Post windows?

Answer: nothing. I turned on the Markdown plug-in. D'oh!


Deleted Twitter and Facebook from all my mobile devices and it feels so good! I just don't need the drama.


Excellent, if tragic, article by Kathy Sierra:

We have to do better folks.


Lisa's pictures from London. She wins. Again!

Life of Lisa Kentzell: London 2014


Lying in bed after a massive English breakfast trying to get motivated to get up and see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.


NB: TWiT will record an hour earlier today, 2p PDT. @baratunde @nickbilton will guest with @sggrc to talk about the bash vulnerability.


Ouch that hurts. Joshua Ho savages the new Moto X at Anandtech.


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