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Announcement: New PGP key. My previous key (4E1CE3355B01A78D) has expired. My new key is B3000DC64567B47C good until 8 June 2022.

As always you can download my current key from It should also be on the PGP keyservers under I sign all my email and accept email encrypted to this new key.


Just checking. Do my posts at get to other services, too? This should appear on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and, if I've done it right, my Wordpress blog

Oh and, too. I almost forgot!


Happy Towel Day

1 min read

Celebrate by settling in with a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster and listening to the original 1978 BBC Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 

MP3 recorded from NPR's rebroadcast




Our live coverage of Google's 2017 developer's keynote begins soon. Join @nateog and @gigastacey on


So I'm trying a new wiring. This seems to work well. I post initially on my withknown site ( - the feed is picked up by ( and on the sidebar of my wordpress site ( Known also has buttons for cross-posting to twitter, facebook, linkedin, and any arbitrary webhook compatible site. Yay indieweb!


Watching the news. Getting a chilling sense of deja Vu.


Leaving early tomorrow for Boulder CO and my son's graduation from the University of Colorado. I'll be back on-air Saturday.


Fastmail Auto-Configure Chooses Wrong Port for Thunderbird

2 min read

I thought I'd stick this discovery here in the hopes that others would find it useful. I love Mozilla's Thunderbird email client. It does everything I want it to, including PGP/GPG via Enigmail, Calendering via Lightning, and Google contacts and Tasks via the Provider for Google Calendar extension. 

But I just couldn't get it to get all my folders to sync on Mint GNU/Linux. Only the top level INBOX would download. 

Turns out a "smart" engineer at Fastmail changed the auto-configure IMAP SSL port from 993 to 992 to get Thunderbird to work better with some non-compliant email programs, including Apple's Mail. I had tried every possible solution including subscribing to specific folders and renaming the root folder until I found this post:

Alternate Namespace in IMAP

It's a clever hack that makes Fastmail work better for Apple, Windows, and Blackberry users but it confuses the heck out of compliant client users who allow Fastmail to auto-configure settings.

Changing SSL port 992 to 993 fixes the problem.

It's okay to use the autoconfig - it works fine otherwise - but if you're not getting all your mail try switching ports. 993 is standard, 992 is a hack for some non-compliant clients. 




Just set up an automatic connection between this blog and my Telegram bot (



1 min read

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