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Deleted Twitter and Facebook from all my mobile devices and it feels so good! I just don't need the drama.

Excellent, if tragic, article by Kathy Sierra:

We have to do better folks.

Lisa's pictures from London. She wins. Again!

Life of Lisa Kentzell: London 2014

Lying in bed after a massive English breakfast trying to get motivated to get up and see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

NB: TWiT will record an hour earlier today, 2p PDT. @baratunde @nickbilton will guest with @sggrc to talk about the bash vulnerability.

Ouch that hurts. Joshua Ho savages the new Moto X at Anandtech.

Here's a comment reply via pubsub

Connecting social sites

1 min read

I'm having a little trouble connecting all the social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.) to this POSSE. I am able to create the apps on the respective sites, and get a user key and secret from them into Known, but after I do when I attempt to connect to the social sites I get a "resource unknown" error from Known every time. 

I'm noting that the callback urls are in the form - maybe this is an nginx meets mod_rewrite issue?